Elephants are also quite popular as a Feng Shui symbol too.
Elephants are not only revered in so many Eastern orthodoxies but are also quite popular as a Feng Shui symbol too. An elephant is a symbol of sagacity and strength, and in this sacred tradition is one of only four animals that can represent power and harnessed energy. Ancient legend says that the elephant is the 'bearer of the wish granting gem' and that if you put your hopes and wishes and dreams on the back of an elephant that they will come true. Always keep an elephant statue by a window, or more ideally, by your front door. A growing green plant on its back brings health and healing into the home while a coin calls for more money. An elephant that holds a stone also brings a baby (and should go on the bedroom floor) while one that carries a crystal improves your career. This is one powerful trunk that comes already packing!
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