Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip for Monday
Last month we talked about using the flower essence called The Rescue Remedy on skittish pets who nose away from loud noise and can be found shivering under a bed whenever a thunderstorm blows through. I had a huge amount of reader response and wanted to share another tool in the happy pet arsenal to make Fido feel fine. For owners of animals who are having trouble controlling their behavior (jumping, biting, barking at everyone all the time), you might want to try a few drops of another essence called Cherry Plum. This holistic health aid might just be exactly what the vet ordered when it comes to calming, quieting and teaching your pooch to behave. Try four drops, rubbed into their forehead right between the eyes, and do this four times a day until you reach your desired results. That will be much sooner than you think if you use this all-natural remedy. Tick, tock, drip, drop Ц gooooood boy!
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