The Crooked Man by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MP3 part 2
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Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate the matter of a mysterious, deformed man, a more mysterious animal, and an even (wait for it) more mysterious murder in a locked room. Read by Alex Wilson.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1830) was a British doctor and author most famous for his innovative and influential detective fiction featuring the character of Sherlock Holmes. He also wrote historical novels and science fiction (including the 1912 classic The Lost World).

Alex Wilson is a writer and stage/film actor from northern Ohio and now based in Carrboro, North Carolina. His stories and comics have appeared/will appear in
Asimov's Science Fiction, The Rambler, Outlaw Territory II (Image), Weird Tales, Futurismic, LCRW and elsewhere. Locus has called him a "promising new writer," and Publishers Weekly also has nice things to say. (Blog, Website)

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